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1993 – 2019

Sun System Engineering Sdn Bhd (SSE) was established on 12th April 1993 to venture into the production of value added electrical engineering products to serve and complement our nation’s rapidly growing economic development.

SSE commenced its business operation in January 1994 by manufacturing low voltage feeder pillars for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). In December 1995, TNB appointed SSE as a vendor for the design, manufacture and supply of LV Feeder Pillars. Today, with our position as TNB’s Preferred Supplier, SSE has established itself as a reliable partner of TNB, one of our nation’s critical engine of growth.

Progressively over the last 25 years, SSE has delivered its product range to include DIN-Type Feeder Pillars with Load Reading, Low Voltage Auto Transfer Switch Panels, Street Lighting Panels, Motorised Ring Main Units (RMU) with SCADA integration and 33kV Cubicle-Type Gas Insulated Switchgears (C-GIS).

In 2012, SSE ventured into the assembly of 12kV RMUs in partnership with Lucy Switchgears, Oxford, UK. In 2013, SSE collaborated with Meidensha Corporation, Japan to localize the manufacture of 33kV C-GIS Switchgears and has successfully installed and commissioned 350 panels for the Klang Valley MRT 1 (KVMRT1) project. Today, SSE is proud to have also ventured into the supply of 132kV and 275kV main intake substations with full technical support from Hyosung Corporation, Korea.

“SSE believes in continuous product research and development for innovative electrical products that meet both the local and foreign industries, hence contribute positively towards our nation’s economic progress.”

In 2017, SSE’s Quality Management System has achieved the latest certification of ISO 9001:2015 by SIRIM QAS International. Achieving these certificates is a testimony of SSE’s long-term commitment to continous quality assurance to the highest quality standards. SSE will continously strive to improve its product quality and services through strategic alliances and smart partnerships with all suppliers and customers.


Corporate Values

TRUST AND INTEGRITY are the basic foundation for any successful business enterprise. At SSE, we endeavour to create and promote such good values in our corporate DNA.


RESPECT for one another and even respect for our competitors keeps us on solid ground. Here at SSE, we integrate such values that keeps us humble to achieve long lasting success.


UTILIZATION OF COMMON SENSE helps us to provide good, safe, simple yet innovative engineering solutions and products to give the best values for money solutions to all our valued clients. We endeavour to be a technological driven company and being a key player in our nation’s ambition to achieve a developed nation status.


We have a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to produce and promote environmental friendly products and work processes to preserve a sustainable development for our future generations. At SSE, we also do our part to provide engineering exposure and internship programs to the next generation of youths and leaders.


We promote TRANSPARENCY and abhor corruption and bribery in all our business dealings. We encourage honesty among ourselves so that we can create a strong and stable business environment to grow our business and reward all our stakeholders.


At Sun System Engineering, we share our nation’s aspiration to develop its own electrical industry through indigenous efforts and technical collaborations with world renowned technological driven companies. Our goal is to be the most respected, reputable and leading manufacturer and supplier in the ASEAN Electrical Industry.


Sun System Engineering Sdn Bhd (SSE) dedicates itself to provide the highest quality of services and engineering solutions to all its valued clients; a the most competitive prices.

Quality is the prerequisite of our company’s values and standards. Products’ quality is strictly monitored to adhere to the stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification and requirements. Our products are tested locally and overseas in ASTA accredited independent laboratories.

Sun System Engineering’s Quality Management System (QMS) ascertains our products fulfil our customers’ satisfaction by:

  • Continually monitoring all quality indicators.
  • Ensuring all our business and partners are fully equipped with the required tools, resources, and information.
  • Adequate training of all key personnel.
  • Absolute adherence to documented policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring all shortcomings are identified and communicated effectively.
  • Consistently meeting our contract and any statutory regulatory requirements.
  • Recognizing our commitment to customers, investors, technology providers and suppliers.

All Heads of Departments shall ensure that the established Quality Objectives within each Department based on the above criteria are monitored and reviewed periodically in working towards the Organization’s goals.

Through Corporate Responsibility, we at Sun System Engineering Sdn Bhd, believe in making ourselves part of the solution to create a more sustainable future for future generations.

To be a responsible business entity, we as a company manage our operations with ethics and integrity and realize our responsibilities as a company in the social ecosystem. By adopting an ethical business conduct, we are able to build trust in society through our behaviours and actions.

At SSE, we respect and value differences. We believe that by ensuring equal opportunities with everyone that we deal with. When people of different values and backgrounds come together, we are able to create a better future.

As a company, we always strive to find new ways to conserve natural resources in everything we do. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact on the country. By monitoring our energy use and carbon emissions, we consider the impacts on the environment and always question ourselves if there is a more sustainable way to approach it.


Awards & Certifications


At Sun System Engineering, we share our nation’s aspiration to develop its own electrical industry through indigenous efforts and technical collaborations with world renowned technological driven companies. Our goal is to be the most respected, reputable and leading manufacturer and supplier in the ASEAN Electrical Industry.


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